Are post-match crowd reactions realistic enough?


I just finished an incredible comeback victory FUT match in which I was down 3-0 after 27′ and came back to win 6-4! After scoring three of my own to tie the match in the 54′ I lost a CB (Barzagli) to a second booking in the 64′–yes, I should have subbed him off, but you’re still a dick, Barbosa–but still went on to win the match.


*Personal FUT note: Antonio Di Natale (who’s prob my favorite FUT player at the moment) scored four goals for my team. I’m saving up for his super-expensive TOTW card.

I know, I know...

I know, I know…

I know, I should have taken a photo. I’m not trying to brag, I actually want to make a comment about the anticlimactic ending to the game. I was expecting a more emotional, louder, more enthusiastic celebration after the final whistle than the one I actually got. After all, this was not an average 6-4 win. I came back from three goals down, and scored three more while down a man! Not only should the fans have been more emotional in the post-match cinematics, but so should the coaches and players–of both sides. I expected the crowd noise to be louder than usual, or at least different, but it didn’t seem like it was.

I’ve been in similar situations as a player in real-life Sunday league (down a man and came from behind to win) and it was obviously memorable. Not a boring match to be a part of. Now I didn’t have a sound level meter with me or anything but it definitely felt more emotional afterwards. Even if it wasn’t actually louder in decibels, the “feeling” was definitely elevated. This is something that I think FIFA 14 could do a much better job of capturing. There’s a difference in the feeling and reaction at the end of the match that’s directly related to how dramatic the process, or the road to the end result was, and I want to see that come through in the game.


I also remember being at one of the most memorable MLS matches in recent years where Whitecaps FC came back against Sporting Kansas City to draw 3-3. KC was up 3-0 with 12′ remaining and Camilo scored two in injury time. Skip to around 5:45 for the last 2 goals and watch and listen to the reaction. Absolutely one of the craziest sporting events I’ve ever been to.

It was pretty much pandemonium at the last goal and a lovely reaction with people rushing onto the pitch at the final whistle, and the result wasn’t even a victory for the home team: just a 3-3 draw! And watch the KC keeper’s reaction afterwards. Do you think his reaction at the final whistle would have been the same if KC had instead made a thrilling comeback? Or even if Vancouver came from behind, but much earlier in the match? You don’t always see this kind of corresponding reaction in FIFA 13. It seems like the in-game audio and cinematics after the match are always the same. EA are always trying to be authentic, so hopefully it’s something they’ll work on.


3 thoughts on “Are post-match crowd reactions realistic enough?

  1. Agree 100%, This is something I’ve noticed too. the energy in the stadium is different depending on when the goals are scored and the background of the match too.

  2. Sometimes when theres a big comeback win or last minute goal, the reaction should be louder and heavier at the end of the match.

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