FIFA 13 Becomes Biggest Sports Launch of All-Time

FIFA 13 has sold 7.4 million units in its first four weeks to become the biggest sports game launch of all-time. The ever-popular soccer franchise continues to blow away not only long-standing rival Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), but all other sports franchises.

EA made headlines in early October when FIFA 13 became the biggest video-game launch of 2012. With 4.5 million units sold in its first 5 days, it easily surpassed FIFA 12′s first-week sales of 3.2 million units.

With FIFA 13 now up to 7.4 million (excluding mobile downloads), it could threaten to reach 10 million copies sold in the next few months with the Wii U-specific edition due out later this month, and the upcoming holiday shopping season.


Also notable for the gaming industry is the continued growth on the digital side. EA’s net revenue from digital goods for the quarter grew by over 27 percent year, up to $324 million, coming close to net revenue from packaged goods which totaled $365 million over the same time span.


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